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My name is Daniel Perez. I am a software engineer and researcher based in London. I have been working on backend systems in various companies and I particularly enjoy writing in functional programming languages. More recently, I have been working on diverse machine learning tasks, mostly related to natural language processing.

I am currently a PhD student at Imperial College London, supervised by professor Ben Livshits. My current research theme is about how to secure distributed ledgers and their ecosystem. I focus mostly on using programming language techniques to improve the security of blockchains' virtual machines, as well as the applications running on top of them.
Before that, I received my Master's in Computer Science from The University of Tokyo under the supervision of professor Shigeru Chiba, during which I worked on applying machine learning techniques to programming languages.

I am sometimes open to freelance work, please feel free to contact me for more information.


DeFi Protocols for Loanable Funds with Lewis Gudgeon, Sam Werner and William Knottenbelt was accepted at ACM AFT 2020
Revisiting Transactional Statistics of High-scalability Blockchain with Jiahua Xu and Ben Livshits was featured on CoinDesk
The Decentralized Financial Crisis: Attacking DeFi with Lewis Gudgeon and other collaborators was accepted at CVC 2020
Fast-Fourier-Forecasting Resource Utilisation in Distributed Systems with Paul Pritz and Kin K. Leung was accepted at ICCCN 2020
Step on the Gas? A Better Approach for Recommending the Ethereum Gas Price with Sam Werner and Paul Pritz was accepted at MARBLE 2020
Broken Metre: Attacking Resource Metering in EVM with Ben Livshits was accepted at NDSS'20

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