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My name is Daniel Perez. I am a software engineer and researcher based in London. I have been working on backend systems in various companies and I particularly enjoy writing in functional programming languages. More recently, I have been working on diverse machine learning tasks, mostly related to natural language processing.

I am currently a PhD student at Imperial College London, supervised by professor Ben Livshits. My current research theme is about how to secure distributed ledgers and their ecosystem. I focus mostly on using programming language techniques to improve the security of blockchains' virtual machines, as well as the applications running on top of them.
Before that, I received my Master's in Computer Science from The University of Tokyo under the supervision of professor Shigeru Chiba, during which I worked on applying machine learning techniques to programming languages.

I am sometimes open to freelance work, please feel free to contact me for more information.


My paper Broken Metre: Attacking Resource Metering in EVM with Ben Livshits was accepted at NDSS'20
Received a 5,000 USD bounty reward from the Ethereum Foundation with the help of Matthias Egli and Hubert Ritzorf from PwC Switzerland, for a report based on my Broken Metre paper
I will present Broken Metre: Attacking Resource Metering in EVM at The Stanford Blockchain Conference 2020 on 2020/02/20
Gave an introduction to Smart Contracts at EPFL
Presented Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Does Anyone Care? at a workshop at University College London
My paper Cross-language clone detection by learning over abstract syntax trees with Shigeru Chiba was accepted at MSR'19

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