Research activities


  1. Broken Metre: Attacking Resource Metering in EVM [arXiv] [paper]
    Daniel Perez, Benjamin Livshits
    in proceedings of the 27th Annual Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS 2020)
  2. PoolSim: A Discrete-Event Mining Pool Simulation Framework [project] [paper]
    Sam M. Werner, Daniel Perez
    in proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Mathematical Research for Blockchain Economy (MARBLE 2019)
  3. Cross-language clone detection by learning over abstract syntax trees [project] [paper]
    Daniel Perez, Shigeru Chiba
    in proceedings of the 2019 IEEE/ACM 16th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR 2019)


  1. We Know What They've Been Put Through: Revisiting High-scalability Blockchain Transactions [arXiv] [paper]
    Daniel Perez, Jiahua Xu, Benjamin Livshits
  2. The Decentralized Financial Crisis: Attacking DeFi [arXiv] [paper]
    Lewis Gudgeon, Daniel Perez, Dominik Harz, Arthur Gervais, Benjamin Livshits
    Technical Report arXiv:2002.08099, February 2020.
  3. Step on the Gas? A Better Approach for Recommending the Ethereum Gas Price [arXiv] [paper]
    Sam M. Werner, Paul J. Pritz, Daniel Perez
  4. Fast-Fourier-Forecasting Resource Utilisation in Distributed Systems [arXiv] [paper]
    Paul J. Pritz, Daniel Perez, Kin K. Leung
    Technical Report arXiv:2001.04281, January 2020.
  5. Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: Does Anyone Care? [arXiv] [paper]
    Daniel Perez, Benjamin Livshits
    Technical Report arXiv:1902.06710, February 2019.


  1. Grammar Induction for Programming Languages using Skip-Gram model [paper]
    Tomomasa Matsunaga, Tetsuro Yamazaki, Daniel Perez, Shigeru Chiba
    Best student paper award at JSSST 2018, Tokyo, Japan
  2. Using competitive programming data to detect code clones [poster]
    Daniel Perez, Shigeru Chiba
    poster presented at JSSST SIG-PPL 2018, Tottori, Japan

Master thesis

A study of machine learning approaches to cross-language code clone detection [PDF] [Summary] [Slides]
Supervisor: Shigeru Chiba
2018, The University of Tokyo